About A Tuk Tuk


Traveling is very much a subjective experience. The quality of your trip may vary due to such factors as preparation, booking hassle and expenses. Our goal at A Tuk Tuk is to enhance every aspect of your journey. We’ve been traveling since 2011, and when people ask us what’s traveling’s like, we say “it’s like a tuk-tuk ride”. Yes, we had amazing times riding tuk-tuks, and we had really bad experiences too. The same can be said about our travels.

Each new day is an opportunity to do something great and to explore something we have never seen before. We are Agness and Cez and we hope you accompany us on our adventures!

Money Matters

We have had this lifestyle since 2011, and we understand how money can affect the manner in which you do things and how you plan a trip. There is often the misconception that traveling cannot be done inexpensively.

However, instead of discouraging you from being cautious with your money, we encourage to look for new ways to reduce your expenses.  We show you how to plan experiences you will remember for your entire life while on a tangible budget.

We constantly aim to defy the norms, and we hope to teach you how to integrate our methods into your everyday travels.

Flexible Travel

If there’s anything that our life experiences have taught us up to this point, it’s that we need to be flexible in travel. Sometimes you just have to book a one-way ticket and figure out where to go from there.

One of the most powerful moments in our lives was when we realized that there was nothing keeping us from fulfilling our dreams.

We hope that you will be able to discover a sense of travel within yourself and feel a little more motivated to see all of the beautiful sights that our world has to offer.

How A Tuk Tuk is Helpful to You

One of the main objectives of our blog is to provide the necessary materials for fellow travelers like you to reach your travel goals, cross as much off your bucket list as possible.

Because we believe in traveling on a budget so strongly, we have dedicated sections of this A TukTuk to price comparisons for flights and accommodation. There you can plan your trip in the most economical way possible.

Alternately, A Tuk Tuk contains depictions of travel experiences for your inspiration, leisure, or other reading material.


Another feature individual to A Tuk Tuk is that it doesn’t attempt to keep any preconceived notions about travel.

To clarify, we don’t view travel as something without difficulty. Rather, A Tuk Tuk embraces the challenges faced by different traveling experiences and writes on ways to overcome them. Flexible travel without some degree of hardship doesn’t exist. We refuse to look at it through the filter of “everything must be pleasant”.

In many cases, the bumps in the road are the most memorable parts of the journey. As such should be told with enthusiasm just as the pinnacle of the trip.

Come along with us on our tuk-tuk ride!