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7 Things All Travelers Should Know

Check out our list of hints, tips, advice, and guidance that all travelers should know before they hit the road!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be good at travelling? It’s a strange concept, but at the same time if you’re heading out on the road maybe there’s a certain set of skills that will help you along the way? Skills that might get you out of trouble or just make life on the road a little easier?

If you’re thinking of heading off on your travels and want a bit more than inspiring vacation sayings, keep reading for a list of hints, tips, advice, and guidance that all travelers should know.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

Never underestimate the importance of travel insurance. Remember, having travel insurance is fine if you want cover for things like lost luggage, cancelled trips, and late flights. But you’ll also need to look into Travel Medical insurance too. That way, if you slip in the foyer of the hotel and break your leg, or shatter a tooth whilst eating, you’ll be covered for any and every eventuality.

Research the Location of Your Nearest Embassy

You don’t have to expect the worst every time you travel, but a little bit of self-preservation is certainly helpful. The world we live in is often quite turbulent and unpredictable, so researching the location of your nearest embassy could be a big help if something catastrophic does go wrong.

Not only that, but the embassy will be able to help with the relatively minor but nevertheless common issue of a stolen or lost passport.

Keep Emergency Money Stashed Away

Everyone who has ever been travelling – or that knows someone who has – will have most probably heard horror stories about money and personal items going missing. If you want to avoid the kind of mayhem that could follow in the immediate aftermath of finding yourself miles from your hotel without so much as the small change to pay for a taxi, consider concealing some emergency cash in your clothing. Keeping an emergency stash of cash is easier than it sounds. A buttoned-down shirt pocket will do. Or perhaps consider sewing a small pocket into the inside of your jeans.

Learn to Haggle

From thinking about purchasing an enchanted lamp as a gift for a loved one back home, to browsing the menu whilst queuing for some delicious smelling street food, haggling is a very common method of getting what you want for an excellent price (but obviously only in certain parts of the world – we’re thinking more ‘Cairo street markets’ than making an offer over the cost of your five-course meal in a swanky New York restaurant).

Learning how to haggle – and how to haggle well – will certainly save you money on your travels.

Learn How to Say “No, Thank You”

While we’re on the theme of adapting to your environment in foreign climes, let’s quickly cover learning to say no. Where you travel in the world, there’s everyday value in picking up a few basic phrases – make sure “no, thank you” is one of them. That way, if you’re being pestered by salespeople or buskers, you can ward them off politely without causing offence.

Basic First Aid

Arguably, everyone should know basic first aid. If you’re planning to travel for as little as a few days or as many as a few months (and especially if you’re planning to travel solo), learning the basics of first aid will certainly help you and others to make the best of medical situations (no matter how big or small) until you can find proper medical assistance. You never know what could happen and when, from someone tripping over and breaking a limb, to someone choking, how you react could make all the difference. Even having a basic idea about how to dress and clean a cut properly could have far reaching positive effects. It’s always best to be prepared.

Can’t Swim? Now’s Time to Learn

Again, swimming is a basic life skill, which most of us have the opportunity to master in our younger years. However, some people never quite get to grips with feeling comfortable in the water. As a result, they never learn to swim beyond jumping into the pool and splashing forwards towards the edge.

Consider the scenario. You’re visiting a Mediterranean town with stunning views of the sea. You spot an old school friend who happens to be in town for a bit of snorkeling with the family, and you’re invited aboard the boat. A little later in the day, you’re bored of seeing everyone else enjoy the water and, thinking that you could get away with swimming in your underwear, you get the confidence to dive in. Immediately you want to swim towards the boat and hang on for dear life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Visit your local swimming pool with a friend and develop your confidence at your own pace. Learn now before you get yourself into metaphorically and literally deep water.

Have we forgotten about anything? If so, share it in comments below. 🙂