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6 Loneliest Places on Earth

Isolated places around the world are worth the visit. You must be prepared for a challenging and exotic experience.

The concept of vacationing and traveling lies in getting away from your usual place and routine, but what if you really take that literally and get far away. There are many places in our world nowadays that are rarely traveled to and that are very isolated from urbanism. It is said that nature shapes the world of the traveler and makes it worth it. Keep reading to find out more and know about the world’s loneliest and most isolated places.

What is a lonely place?

Before we dwell on naming the places, let us firstly define what is meant by a “lonely place”. The term “lonely”, when referred to something, can have both negative and positive meanings. A lonely place for instance, might mean a vaste city that makes it hard to belong. Since big cities have so much traffic, hustling, and movement, it can feel lonely to people coming from rural or suburban areas. A lonely place might also refer to the isolation and unfamiliarity the place has. It could be a lonely island, lake, or a village; a place that isn’t busy. In this case, lonely places provide a sense of exploration, tranquility, and calm to its visitors. 

Isolated nature

In the following list, you’ll get to know the world’s most popular places that are referred to as lonely, one way or another. A lonely place can sometimes be a good thing.

Wyoming, USA

Located in the Western United States, Wyoming has one of the most beautiful sceneries in all of America. It is considered a lonely place, not only due to its low population (compared to other states in the USA), but also due to its vastness and unfamiliarity. Wyoming is also very beautiful in terms of landscapes, mountains, trees and shrubs, and its people’s culture. It is a conservative state that still appreciates a lot of the traditions and principles of the American West.

When in Wyoming, you would feel some sort of freedom in the sense that the enormousness of natural landscapes, lakes, mountains, and especially the wildlife make it a typically isolated place for adventurous people seeking thrill and challenging camping trips. Wyoming is considered a lonely state in the sense that you don’t find many people in it, but when nature takes over it can be a good thing for our environment.  

Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Located 50 km east from the Libyan borders in Egypt, this hidden gem Siwa, is an oasis that has more than 300 freshwater springs and streams as part of it. It supports nearly the 300,000 date palms and 70,000 olive trees that make up the desert oasis. The oasis was anciently named Sekht-am meaning “palm land”. It is, till this very day, inhabited by the Siwan people, a group of people indigenous to North Africa that make their hometown an even more unique place by preserving its history and uniqueness.

Not only do you get to discover the oasis’s genuine hospitality of its people, you will also find yourself having the quietest and slowest trip of your life, not in the negative way, but in the sense of being remote from today’s chaos and hustle culture. Siwa Oasis can be reached by car, and it is guaranteed that you’ll enjoy its slow-paced and minimalist life. You would definitely enjoy the peace and quietness Siwa provides.

Matmata, Tunisia

Matmata is an Amazigh village in Southern Tunisia, set far away from the city in the mountains. The village is home to the Imazighen that are still thriving in Tunisia, the voice of the country’s indigenous people and the gorgeous African hospitality. There isn’t much you can do in Matmata as you can tour all of it in just one day. However its beauty lies in being an uncomplicated place, inhabited by very few people that form the community that is indigenous to North Africa. Perhaps the only famous thing you could do in Matmata is seeing Star Wars’ filming sites.

Other than that, it’s the perfect place to be by yourself, reflect on life, live simplistically, and admire the beauty of isolation. In order to get to Matmata, you can take a bus from the city of Gabés or have an adventurous ride on the mountains. The very few people of Matmata take great care of their village so make sure you do the same and you’ll be rewarded back with great memories.

Palmerston, Cook Islands

A very underrated place. Palmerston, a toll of heavenly tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean, is inhabited by just 57 citizens. That makes it a really small, local, and a perfect isolated escape for your vacation. In Palmerston, life is really simple. There are regular religious services and a rhythm to everyday life. Despite (or perhaps because of) the small population, everything is well organized, nothing is ever thrown away if it could come in use someday, and everything is flawlessly spotless. Palmerston shall give you a peaceful vibe that you can appreciate back by keeping it eco-friendly. You should also be considerate of its inhabitants and how hard they work to keep their island a paradise-like place.

Lonely big cities

Cities can get really big and seem like the perfect places to make friends and get to know people, but it’s not always the case. In fact the bigger the city gets, the harder life in it is, and a person somewhat feels empty and lost in the fast-faced rhythm of life.  

New York, USA

Although being one of the biggest and most populated cities worldwide, New York can still be depicted as a lonely place. The big city lifestyle can open you the doors of success, opportunities, and prosperity, but it can also consume your mental health due to how difficult and lonely it gets in New York. It is quite easy to meet people, but calling those people your friends can be miraculous. In fact, many New Yorkers have reported feeling lonely. However, you can still overcome the feeling of loneliness in New York by having more time that you can fill with enjoyable activities for yourself. There is a good side of New York that you should be hopeful for, which are the endless of success opportunities waiting for you.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the second biggest city in the world after New York. Life in Tokyo can be very easy as you can build your own career and seek various opportunities of success. However, a recent study states that nearly 40% of Japanese people, and residents of Japan, feel lonely. According to the poll, 35.1% of women and 39.5% of men have reported feeling lonely. The city is busy and is all about working and hustle culture, which can benefit anyone at times but it can also be very mentally draining.

Socially speaking, Tokyo became a very isolated city due to the pandemic that forced people to stay home and abide by the rules. Because people tend to put their obligations to others and society above their own rights, Japan has a high percentage of social isolation and loneliness as the price for the order and discipline the country has experienced. The good thing about Tokyo is that you’ll love its local lifestyle and culture as there are many things you can do.

Tips to consider

Whether you made it to a remote village or a busy city that still forces the feeling of loneliness into you, there are some tips to consider to make your trip easier and more sociable.

Make memories and friends

Whether you just do it for vacation purposes or you intend to settle in one of the cities mentioned for instance, you have to keep in mind that souvenirs and friends matter. In order to enjoy your time and make it memorable, try to interact with the locals. Every trip should include time for talking and learning. As travelers, if we meet new people along the road, it will undoubtedly open doors for us to learn more about the location and feel at home in unfamiliar surroundings. Locals are the best source of advice and information. Make sure you socialize with people and spend some time at the local market to feel less lonely especially in big cities.

Pack Well

The most crucial aspect of travel preparation. Make sure your bag is light enough to make your trip less strenuous and convenient while going to any unusual location. Torch, batteries, first aid kit, camera, water bottles, prepared foods, a map, and toiletries should all be included. Also, pack your clothing and other necessities based on the weather where you’re going. 


Our planet is stunning and it has beauty in every aspect if we just choose to focus on it. Man had already shaped it to facilitate his life, however, there are places that nowadays are still inhabited or have very few people. Perhaps their living conditions are difficult or they are isolated from today’s chaos but that still makes them even more special.