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Top 10 Best Markets in Europe

The best flea and farmer's markets in Europe. Featuring touristy locations such as France, Portugal, Spain, and Germany.

Europe is known to be bustling with culture, fusion food, and a unique mix of people from different European countries and states. Markets are a place where you can encounter all 3, and you do not need to travel to far-flung places like Southeast Asia to experience the bustling liveliness. From flea markets to local street food markets to bustling Christmas markets with live music and more, Europe’s markets have something for every type of traveler.

From the swanky markets in France to the hipster markets in Berlin, find which market speaks to you at your destination of choice.

1. Braderie de Lille – Lille, France

If you ever find yourself in France, try visiting the Lille Flea Market. This market occurs once a year on the first Sunday of September. The French have kept this tradition since the 12th century, and every year, the market gets about 3 million visitors worldwide. 

The Lille Flea Market offers many vintage or antique items and has many traditional food options. Some food items include mussels with french fries and other traditional cuisines.

You’ll find the Lille Flea Market near the Lille Grand Palais Metro Station. Simply follow the positive energy and atmosphere to be greeted by the millions of travelers visiting the market.

2. Östermalms Saluhall – Stockholm, Sweden

Ostermalms Saluhall is a fantastic high-end market offering deli plates, pastries, salads, and seafood. Ostermalms is most famous for its elegantly earthy vibe that enchants its visitors through its Scandinavian design.

The food hall also went under construction in 2020, giving it a revamped makeover that is to die for. This elegant market also has a small selection of Lebanese food, combining two cultures into one place.

3. Marche de la Vieille Bourse – Lille, France

After visiting the Lille Flea Market, you can find the Marche de la Vieille Bourse in the same city! Marche de la Vieille Bourse is a famous book market open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1 pm to 7 pm. 

The market offers second-hand books, newspapers, small trinkets, and comics. There are options for everyone as they offer classic books for a hefty fee and cheaper options for people looking to find a good read at a reasonable price.

The market is also held on a heritage site that offers an immersive cultural experience while offering goods and services.

4. Maltby Street Market Rope Walk – London, England

You can find the Maltby Street Market on the weekend in Bermondsey. The market is relatively average in size, but it is home to London’s best street food. 

Locals rave about the great atmosphere combined with swanky restaurants and a huge variety of local to fusion food stalls. Locals also enjoy the general smaller crowds within the market. Other markets, such as the Borough Market, are popular but come with overwhelming crowds that make it overly crowded with long queues, making it difficult to browse and get a bite to eat. 

5. Mercado da Ribeira – Lisbon, Portugal

Mercado da Ribeira was first opened on January 1, 1882 in Cais Sodre, Lisbon. The market covers about 10,000 meters of land and is the primary food market in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Mercado da Ribeira is separated into two different floors. On the ground floor, you will find the traditional market, which provides fresh produce and protein options. The market sells fresh fish to locals and Lisbon’s very own chefs.

The western side of the market opened in 2014 and is known as the food hall. The food hall is open daily from 10 am to 12 am, Sunday to Wednesday. The food hall is open from 10 am to 2 am from Thursday to Saturday, perfect for any late-night food runs.

The food hall has options for all types of diets and lifestyle choices. Some of the options you’ll see at the food hall are sushi, steak, seafood, hamburgers, and sandwiches. You’ll also see various bars and drink stands located at the center.

6. Markthalle Neun – Berlin, Germany

Markthalle Neun or Market Hall Nine is home to multiple street food events but wasn’t always such a booming market. In the 1950s during the Cold War in Germany, Berlin was occupied by both their government and the United States and their allies. During this time, Market Hall Nine only offered food to those with ration cards.

The building created in 1891 has survived demolition threats, a communist government, and the cold war. Now the landmark serves the people of Berlin ramen burgers, spaghetti ice cream, and smoked BBQ pork. 

Each week the vendors rotate, and a new selection of food choices rises. Make sure to arrive early on street food Thursday when thousands of people gather to enjoy street food at 5 pm. 

7. Mercado de San Miguel – Madrid, Spain

For anyone looking to learn the flavors of Spain, visiting Mercado de San Miguel is a must. Located in Madrid, it has become one of the world’s main gastronomic markets. The market offers a significant section of fish, ham, rice, and cheeses. For anyone looking to learn the flavors of Spain, Mercado de San Miguel is a must. 

The market offers a great selection of craft beer, cold sandwiches, and a mozzarella bar! While the current building was remodeled in 2009 and has a new design from its original 1916 structure, the culture remains as intact as ever.

8. The Marche des Enfants Rouges – Paris, France

Let’s travel back to France to the oldest food market in Paris, The Marche des Enfants Rouges. Dating back to 1615, the market has remained the primary source of fresh produce, Japanese snacks, and Lebanese food. 

The market remains open from Tuesday-Saturday on sunny days. The hours vary day to day; however, they open as early as 8:30 am and close as late as 11:00 pm when the weather permits.

9. Mathallen – Oslo, Norway

The Mathallen was a factory building turned food hall in the 19th century. Mathallen is home to classic Norwegian foods such as bread, pies, and cheese; however, they also offer a selection of pasta, sushi, tacos, pizza, and ice cream! 

Mathallen is excellent for families with different taste buds as they offer a little something for everyone. The most raved-about dishes include fresh seafood and are reasonably priced for the location.

10. Mercado la Boqueria – Barcelona, Spain

Located in the center of Barcelona, Mercado la Boqueria is a labyrinth of over 300 food stalls of Spanish cuisine. 

You will find many specialized stalls with seafood, produce, cheeses, meats, and olives here. The best part is that stalls typically offer small portions for individuals looking to eat their hearts out at multiple stalls!

In the event that you found the stall of your dreams and want a large portion, the booths also offer more significant portions to go.


Whether traveling around Europe or looking for the best local market at your city destination, we have you covered. Just remember not to forget your wallet and appetite! Maltby Street Market may be worth the trip if you’re looking for more intimate markets with great food. If you love crowds and meeting other tourists, travel to Lille, France, and take advantage of their flea and book markets. For more ideas of unique or huge markets to visit, read more in our useful guides.