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The Easiest Travel Destinations Out There

Worried about traveling? First Time traveling? These destinations are the easiest travel destinations out there to get your travel bug going.

It seems like everyone wants to travel. And that’s great, it’s just that sometimes it’s important to dip your toe in the water before you decide to jump into the deep end. There are those who jump into the deep end – but we’re not all like that, and that’s good. Caution can be a very good thing. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up. It just means that you might have to look for where the shallow end of the pool is and go there first. What we mean by that is look out for the easiest travel destinations out there.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the easiest travel destinations we’ve ever been to. These places manage to encompass everything which makes travel easier. They have great transport networks, easy to reach attractions, friendly locals, and unique cultural experiences. These are the easiest travel destinations which you’ll actually want to travel to.


This Dutch city is the perfect place for first-time travelers to get their feet wet. Offering incredible European city life combined with the city’s own unique culture, Amsterdam is the type of place you don’t just go to once. It’s the type of place you visit time and time again.

Make sure to take an evening walk down the city’s many canals, or sit in a coffee shop on a warm morning. The homes here are known for being uniquely colored, so see if you can’t pick out which ones are your favorite. The best way to make it around the whole city – we think – is to hire a bike for the day. Amsterdam is, after all, a cycle-friendly city.


If there is an easier place to visit than London as a newbie traveler, we would like to know! London has everything, which is part of the charm of going there in the first place. From food to accessories – and anything else you can think of – the city is just perfectly set up to handle those who are looking for one of the easiest travel destinations in the world.

The people in the city are generally very friendly and helpful, and decent infrastructure has been put in place to help tourists find their way around. If you’re looking to get from one point to another, the London Underground is relatively cheap and very convenient.

The only (major) downside to London is that it’s expensive. Expect to pay a fairly substantial fee for meals and activities. However, you should note that London also has several free museums which can be explored at your leisure. That includes the Science Museum, National History Museum, and several free art galleries (including the incredibly ‘modern’ Tate). You also see a lot of things just on the streets, with most major areas having street performances and the area outside of Buckingham Palace having everyone’s favorite: the changing of the guard.


Yes, Iceland has made its way onto this list. Whilst the country is super expensive, it does happen to have some jaw-dropping landscapes. From hot springs to waterfalls – and then there are the glacier lagoons – Iceland is the perfect place for anyone looking to have a proper “outdoors” holiday. Moreover, It’s relatively easy to get to from most places in Europe or the States. In fact, from the US East Coast, it’s just a 6-hour flight!

Finally, one thing which makes Iceland a real gem for first-time travelers is the fact that it’s one of the places from which you can see the Northern Lights. If you want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, make sure to head between the months of September and April – this is when it’s at its brightest.

New Zealand

New Zealand is pretty far (we’ll give you that), but then it’s also home to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes and hiking trails. They did shoot the Lord of the Rings here! Despite the long flights, New Zealand is one of the easiest travel destination because it manages to combine a good level of exoticness with a high level of comfort.

You can, if you decide you like the place a lot, decide to expand on your trip and take the short hop and skip over to Australia as well. Bear in mind though that New Zealand is easier to navigate your way through, though. Because the country is smaller, you won’t spend quite as much time moving between destinations. Check out the 12 must-do New Zealand experiences!  


A lot of first-time travelers are hesitant about heading out to Asia. The strange food is probably one of the reasons why – along with the stories they hear about how everything is so different than it is in the west.

Well, Japan is the perfect place to dip your toe in the water if you’re unsure. The country is incredibly accessible for tourists, and there’s more than a few home comforts to be sought out in the city limits. Moreover, the locals are almost always very welcoming. Plus, if you need to get away from the large crowds of people, Japan’s cities are always home to several parks and Zen gardens for you to go and relax in.

The next time you’re looking for somewhere a little more exotic, but not too much, consider Japan and your next holiday destination. You won’t regret it.

Travel Was Never So Easy

The best travel destinations are often those which make you face your fears and come out the other side. These destinations might be the easiest travel destinations we think you can visit, but they still come with their own set of difficulties and tribulations. Those tribulations are exactly what will hopefully lead to you growing, and the reason why travel is so important to so many people.

So, next time someone says that they love traveling and you feel left out, know that you know have a list of the 5 easiest travel destination out there for you to explore.