8 years ago

Museums in Paris that You’ve Never Heard of But Have to See

There are more beautiful museums in Paris to see than just The Louvre. Each museum with its own history and wonderful art pieces to explore!

When traveling to Paris, everyone knows that art museums are a big part of this city’s culture and touristic appeal. The Louvre, as one of the grandest museums known to mankind. It is a fantastic way to start your museum tour of Paris. However, don’t forget that there are more beautiful museums in Paris to see. Each museum with a deep history and wonderful art and pieces to explore!

La Pinacothèque

This beautiful and fairly modern museum takes an approach to art that follows none of the guidelines of the usually Parisian harmony and order. You’ll find within the walls of this intimate building art pieces from around the world,and throughout different periods of time! The atmosphere inside is much less formal. You’ll be able to wander its halls and view terracotta soldiers from China, Mayan masks, and retrospectives of artists such as Edvard Munch. Located at 28 Place de la Medleiene, the metro stop Medeleine is close by. Entrance is 13 Euro.

Le Musée Carnavalet

Delve into the history of Paris with this free museum! Wandering through the halls of the historical mansions where this museum is housed, you will see the beginnings of Paris with its Roman roots, the medieval times, and interesting Napoleon-related pieces. This is truly a fantastic way to discover the rich stories of this culturally charged city. All the while being able to view its pieces in an intimate setting. Don’t miss the incredible messenger pigeon feather, dating back to the time of the Revolution in France. Also famed artist Marcel Proust’s bedroom! Entrance to the museum and its gardens is free of charge.

Musée des Arts Forains

If you like carousels and carnival rides, then you’ll love this museum. Jean Paul who dealt in antiquities gathered the pieces from the collection. There are many different pieces that feature antique carnival items, highlighting the glitz and glam of the early 1900’s and the class of the late 1800’s. You’ll see swings from Germany, fair stalls, and a carousel that turns around when its riders pedal! It is normally required to have an appointment to visit this very private museum, however during the end of December holiday time, the museum is open to the public without reservation for 12 Euro.

Musée de Cluny

Featuring one of the largest collections of medieval art known to the modern world, this museum is a combination of beautiful art pieces in the most perfect setting. Once a residence for the abbots, the building where the art is housed dates back to the 1400’s and is a lovely backdrop providing an authentic air to the pieces. You’ll see what remains of a Roman bath inside the museum. It’s the times when Paris was under Roman control. This museum costs 8 Euro to enter, however every first Sunday of the month it is free of charge.

Musée de la Vie Romantique

Located in the 9th Arrondisment of Paris, this lovely little boutique museum is a tribute to all things Romantic. You’ll see art and literature pieces dating back to the Romantic period as you explore what used to be the home of painting Ary Scheffer.  Here in these rooms, famous artists such as Delacroix, George Sand, and even author Charles Dickens gathered together as friends and colleagues. You’ll enjoy the warm atmosphere and the lovely gardens outside. Access to the permanent exhibitions is free.

Musée Delacroix

Although you can see one of Delacroix’s most famous paintings, ‘Liberty Leading the People’, in the Louvre. In his personal home and studio you will see a more intimate side of this incredible painter. He was a man of the people who wanted to portray history as it happened. This museum is a place where you can explore his sketches and the process of his work, which is in a certain way even more beautiful than the finished product. It’s like having an inside peek into the life of an artist. You’ll be able to enjoy the adjoining courtyard and garden as well. Entrance is 10 Euro.

Exploring the innards of Paris would truly take a lifetime. There are so many beautiful places to see (even on a budget!), and these museums are just a few on that list! Alternative bars – anyone? Visit these and you’ll get a taste of the rich culture that inhabits this vibrant city.