6 years ago

5 Great Gears That Ensure Safe Motorcycle Riding

Travelling the world on two wheels can be fun and a great adventure. Check out our top tips on how to enjoy your ride in a safe way to make your motorbike trip even more epic!

Many people prefer motorbikes over cars for everyday travelling around in the city. This is mainly because of their size and the ease by which they can be used during peak traffic hours.

Riding a motorbike is not only fun but it also enhances your core strength and stability. Riding a motorcycle is adventurous, but it’s also very risky. While riding a motorcycle your whole body is prone to get injured if you encounter an unfortunate accident. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable on the roads when compared with other rides such as cars, trucks etc.

So, in order to ensure your safety, it is highly recommended for motorcyclists to stick to their best safety gears, therefore, suffering from minimal damage in case of an accident. Of course, that’s on top of the essential motorbike tech.

If you have chosen a motorbike as your everyday ride then you should own these riding essentials to keep yourself safe and comfortable. These safety gears are an integral part of a safe road journey of a motorcyclist.


A helmet is the most important and essential part of the motorcycle riding equipment. Wearing a helmet is for your own safety. If you wear a helmet and unfortunately you get into an accident you will be safe from a traumatic brain injury.

Without a helmet, the chances of getting head injuries are increased. So, it is important for a motorcyclist to understand the importance of wearing a helmet. There are many types of helmets from which you can choose like; full face helmet, modular helmet, half helmet, Off-road helmet, Dual-sport helmet etc.


Jackets are a great gear to protect a motorcyclist from weather conditions. Wearing a motorcycle jacket while riding is very important for your own safety. It will protect you from injury and accidents by acting as a shield. Motorcycle jackets are specially designed for riders to protect them and ensure their safety plus they give you a trendy and stylish look. Mostly these jackets are padded inside to provide protection to the rider in case of a crash. Some even come with reflective bands that help motorcyclists when travelling after late hours. There are many types of jackets from which you can choose but the most popular ones are leather jackets, in fact, they’re more like a style statement.


Your hands are a sensitive part of your body and as being a motorcyclist they are extremely important for your successful journey. Gloves are the second most important gear. There are many reasons which make wearing gloves essential while riding a motorbike. First of all, they enhance your grip, they prevent numbness of your hand and fingers. Wearing gloves protects your hands from injuries like bruises and cuts that you can commonly get while riding a motor bike. In case you fall or have little accident then it’s natural for you to use your hands to protect yourself.

Your hands are the body part on which your whole body weight is shifted unintentionally and a result there are a lot of burns and bruises on them if you are not wearing gloves. For your own safety and to enjoy a better riding experience you should wear gloves.

Safety Pads

Safety pads are the padding that protects your body from damage during a crash, fall or accident. They are also known as body armor. The main purpose of wearing body armor is to provide protection to your joints. There are many variety of safety pads available like elbow pads, knee pads, shoulder pads etc. all these pads provide protection to the mentioned body part along with some of the surrounding area as well. These pads are highly recommended for use especially if you are planning an off-road trip.   


Motorcycles don’t provide space like cars to carry your stuff. So, backpacks are a necessity for every motorcyclist to conveniently carry their stuff around. Motorcyclist’s backpacks are made from weatherproof material to ensure safety of their belongings in any weather condition. These backpacks are usually long and have enough space to accommodate their gadgets along with few clothes. A wide variety of backpacks are available in the market from which you can choose according to your taste and need.

Have you ever hit the road on a motorbike? What was your experience?