4 years ago

The Ultimate Packing Hacks for Travelers

Excellent packing hacks that will take all the stress out of the entire process and leave you to enjoy your travelling in peace.

Traveling light is a challenge. Even once you have found the perfect travel case, rucksack or compact duffel bag, you still have the challenge of fitting absolutely everything you could possibly need into it.  

And even then you will be convinced you’ve forgotten something absolutely vital. Or find out you need something you have buried right at the bottom of your back when you reach the airport check-in desk and have unpacked and repack the entire case in front of an increasingly irritated queue at the check-in desk. Well, fear not. Here are some excellent packing hacks that will take all the stress out of the entire process and leave you to enjoy your traveling in peace.

Write a List

Now this may seem like a fairly simple exercise, but it absolutely will help. Not only will you be able to make sure you have remembered everything, you’ll also be able to plan quantities based on the length of your trip. The general rule of thumb is three tops to every one pair of bottoms.

You will also only take what you need, rather than piling handfuls of underwear into the backpack with wheels that seems to imply you are going to require three underwear changes a day. What you pack also depends on what you’re planning to do during your trip. Are you planning to hike? Heading to the beach at all? Or perhaps you want to run a race? For the latter one, check out Denise’s 10 Proven Packing Tips for Your Next Destination Race blog post.

If you really want to go one step further split the list into categories such as toiletries, clothing, electricals, beachwear, paperwork. It feels good to be organized, you’ll gain some peace of mind.  

Protect against liquid and dirt

If you have only packed three t-shirts for a three day trip, the last thing you want to do is pull out your final t-shirt to find it covered in mud, or soaked through from rain or the victim of a shower gel explosion.

It is pretty easy to avoid this. Put any shoes you are carrying at the bottom of your back, which is the best place for heavier items anyway, and put them in some sort of bag. A reusable carrier is perfect, or even those free shower caps you get in hotels will work just as well.

With toiletries there are a couple of simple tricks. Remove the lids and add a piece of cling film before replacing the screw top. It will help if the lid pops open. You can also add a bit of sticky tape to hold the lid down and stick it all in a waterproof washbag. Just make sure you keep it near the top of your pack for when you have to fish it out at airport security.

Opt for Pockets

There is some amazing travel gear available on the market. With compartments galore for all types of things, you might be traveling with, from laptops to shoe sections.

These types of bags really help you to plan out your packing, but also make everything super accessible without unpacking everything each time. The other great thing available now are bags that connect and disconnect. For example a wheelie suitcase with a detachable daypack for travel, that is brilliant when you want to check in or leave behind the heavy stuff and go exploring with the basics. Definitely recommended.

Leave No Space Wasted

The biggest hack with clothes is to roll them, not fold them. You will be amazed at the extra outfits you will be able to carry.

Socks and pants can be rolled into bras or packed into shoes to make sure no space is wasted. If you are keeping smaller active underwear in little bags for transport throw electric charger cables and plugs in with them so they can be bundled together.

Don’t pack any bulkier pieces of clothing, wear it instead. If you get too hot while travelling big coats and jumpers make great cushions to make your journey more comfortable. And most importantly do not take anything you do not need. If you hotel has it, or it is cheap and simple to buy when you arrive, leave it behind.