6 years ago

Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Have you ever thought about traveling alone as a woman? Check out the most crucial safety tips for women traveling alone and stay safe during your trip.

If you’re very passionate about traveling and adventurous soul, then you probably always plan for travels ahead. People usually plan their travel adventure with their close friends and even many are looking for a travel buddy. It may be a scary thing to visit the place you’ve never been before entirely alone, but let’s face it; it’s the most common reality. Majority of people are thrilled with the idea of traveling and they start to plan, but as the trip date is closer, they change their mind and give up the idea.

If you want to travel around the world and have a life-changing experience, you must be prepared to do it alone. It’s probably terrifying for you, especially if you never took a solo trip before, but it will be worth it. Many people and travelers have a prejudice about the idea of women traveling alone. Many stories tell why you shouldn’t travel alone as women, but have you ever thought more about it? Today, more women than ever decide to travel alone as it wasn’t so hard as it was a decade ago.

#1 Do a Comprehensive Research Before Your Trip

This is a no-brainer for all travelers, but if you plan to take a solo trip, then you must be sure that you checked every single detail about the destination you plan to visit. Many travelers do the research very sloppy and they end up spending more money and time because they didn’t organize things right. Believe us, you don’t want this to happen as it will only throw you from the flow. Always check the things you can do, attractions to explore and adventures to experience before getting to final destinations.

Always be sure to do a proper research of your destination.

Check the safety standards in the country and how people behave toward women. Another crucial thing you want to research is how to get around the place and does the safety situation change during the night. There are probably some places you don’t want to end up as a solo women traveler, so be sure to check and see where are these places located. Also, our advice is to go to your clinics and talk with a doctor about things you need to do beforehand to make sure your health is on point. Always try to find every bit of information about the place you’re going to visit as it will save you a lot of resources and headaches.

#2 Blend in Situation and Act Like a Local

Before arriving at the final destination, be sure that you already checked everything about the destination. Another crucial thing is to get knowledgeable about the culture and tradition of the place where you plan to do a solo trip. This little time investment will make you more understanding and emphatic person which will help you tremendously when it comes to situations where you need to put things into perspective of locals. The main reason to act like a local is that you won’t stand out from the crowd which automatically decrease the chance of criminals pick you as a target.

Act like a local to not put much attention on yourself.

The more you stand out from the regular crowd, the chances of being a target increase. Always check how locals clothe and try to dress like them. Act confident while you’re exploring the place even if you don’t feel it. If you get lost, the last thing you want to do is to panic and direct attraction toward yourself. Just use your common sense in public situations and don’t worry as you’ll be fine.

#3 Watch Out Your Alcohol Intake

That is one of the most important tips for staying safe as a woman traveler. Drinking in your home country or with the group of your close friends is a totally different thing than drinking in the new place where you went alone. Alcohol can be a good thing while you know how to drink moderately, but you must be aware of the fact that it dulls your senses and your decision making becomes less effective and accurate after each shot.

Don’t rush with alcohol drinks.

If you get drunk as a female solo traveler, you instantly become vulnerable and target to many people, so be careful. Always set your own pace of drinking and be sure to drink water between alcoholic drinks. That way, your body will stay hydrated and your body will tolerate alcohol better.

#4 Be Willing to Invest More Money for Safety Reasons

When booking a flight ticket, you should always check the time and place of arrival. Where and when do you land? Is this place safe to walk around and take public transportation during the hours you fly in. If it’s not that safe during the hours of your departure, think about spending extra cash for another flight ticket that has an alternate time or even a date.

Invest more money in the ticket and booking if it will make your safety levels higher.

When booking an accommodation, always check reviews of other people who already spent time there. Check out the safety of the location where the accommodation is and availability of shuttle options. A significant benefit is a shuttle transport from airport to the accommodation even if you need to pay a bit extra.

#5 Take Care of Your Belongings and Stay in Touch with Your Friends

Always be sure that you have copied all the relevant documents like passports, IDs, driving license and credit cards.

Always check with your family and friends.

The most convenient way to store it is in the cloud services like Google Drive so you can access these documents wherever you are in case you lose the originals. Our advice is to have a hidden spot where you can hide some cash or documents in the luggage. Never take crucial document with yourself if you don’t actually need it. Leave the essential copies to your family and friends and try to arrange communication on a constant basis. That way, your loving ones will know everything about your trip and can act if something goes wrong.

Have you ever traveled solo as a woman? What is your advice on staying safe as a solo woman traveler?