5 years ago

Tips to Help You Save Money when Travelling to Thailand

A few tips on how to save money travelling in Thailand - from eating like a local to renting a motorbike, with some that may surprise you. Find out how to travel on a shoestring.

Travelling involves spending a lot of cash and sometimes you may end up using more than you had planned. The idea of saving depends on your budget so you may spend a lot but still be within your planned expenditure.

However, there are some avoidable expenses and some ways to cut corners if you master a few tricks here and there. Of course, everyone would like to save money when travelling to Thailand but most times that does not happen due to the lack of proper planning.

Below are some tips to help save a few coins while making the most of your finances:

Monitor your expenses

There’s nothing as dangerous as spending aimlessly without any plan at all. You end up using more, and at the end of the day, you are worse off than you were. For you to make sure that does not happen I would advise you to prepare a list of the day’s expenses and keep all the tickets and receipts you accumulate along the way.

This helps you in cutting off the unnecessary items you purchase and concentrate on the essentially only.

Try as much as you can to travel like a local

You will all second me in this that once you’ve branded yourself the title tourist, you end up spending more than you would otherwise. This is because being tourist expenses become more, and you end up at joints specifically made for tourist which in most cases are quite costly. If you would want to save some cash, then you should probably travel like a local. That involves travelling by bus, train or airplane.

Finally always consider using second-class to cut more expenses.

Use your credit card

Credit cards are way more cost-saving than using cash for every transaction. This trick works all the way from the preparations when getting your e-visa for Thailand. You can get your e-visa by doing it online, and you will get your electronic visa in no time. This aspect saves you both time and money. Use the card to purchase plane tickets and paying hotel expenses. The price is based on the current exchange rates and in the end; you will be insured for the amount you spend which saves your money big time.

Eat locally

The amount of money we spend on food is quite a handful. However, did you notice that you can save a few coins here and there by just choosing to eat local food while in Thailand? Well, now you know.

The amount of money you are likely to spend in a high-class hotel would be more than double if you decided to eat locally. That does not mean you won’t have burgers, fries, pizza and bread in lots of places around Thailand. Be wise and cut unnecessary costs while still having a good time.

If you have to leave a small tip

Wherever you come from, it’s good to realize that offering a tip in Thailand is not a must. Nobody will get in your head if you don’t do it. So I’d advise you to only leave the change or just a minimum tip if you have to. That should be enough and what’s more is that you won’t be considered stingy and you can make a few friends in the process.

Consider travelling out of season

In Thailand from November to February and the European summer months are considered the high season. This is the time when tourists are flowing in from all parts of the world. In as much as this is probably the best time to have your holiday in Thailand, you should keep in mind that booking a hotel and plane tickets, will be a bit expensive than in the low season. So if you plan to visit Thailand, consider travelling during the low season and save a lot of cash.

Also, going to the less-known cities is a way to go! For example, consider Khao kho, Northern Thailand and you won’t regret your choice.

Withdraw large amounts from the ATM

One of the things that many tourists fail to take note of is that using an ATM costs them money that they never seem to notice. Every time you withdraw you are charged a specific amount, and it continues to pile by making small withdrawals. The exchange rate is also quite unfavourable. So, consider withdrawing a reasonably large amount at a time or carry some banknotes from your native country because the exchange rates at the airport are the best in Thailand.

Rent a motorbike

Thailand has some pretty places, and if you want to visit different areas, you should consider hiring a motorcycle in Thailand for the day and avoid public transport because that could be a bit costly. It ultimately depends on where you are but renting a motorbike for a day should not cost you a fortune. It is the smartest choice for travelling across different parts conveniently. The flexibility and freedom you get from hiring a motorbike for a full day is priceless and won’t leave you regretting your decision.

There are many ways to cut corners and save some few coins, but it narrows down to how well informed you are. For you to make good choices on how you spend your money, it’s advisable to get to know some locals and get the best ideas on cash saving ways. Saving money has nothing to do with taking the fun out of your trip to Thailand so always cut the expenses that won’t affect the time you are going to have. If possible, carry a written budget to make everything a little easier.