3 years ago

Who Are the Top 5 Kindest People on Earth?

Trying times can create the kindest people on Earth. Or maybe they're just raised that way. Only one way to find out: by reading about it here

Do any of you consider your co-nationals to be the kindest people on Earth? We’re talking strictly about your own experience here. Not many of you would answer with a resounding “Yes!” to that question. If you’re an ardent traveller, then you’ve probably had at least one unfortunate incident with the natives of a country. It’s not uncommon to find unfriendly people. Everybody has a bad day once in a while. Some more so than others. People abroad can also sometimes be distrusting of foreigners and tourists. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is your fault. Everything is based on how open a certain society is.

You might ask yourself: “Why does this matter?” Well, some travellers genuinely like to interact with the locals. Sure, architecture, natural landmarks, souvenirs and other tourist traps come first most of the time. But the best memories are created when you meet new and exciting people. Just think of it.

You could tell your friends back home that you hanged out with some co-nationals in India. On the other hand, you could say that you hanged out with people there and they showed you particular aspects of their culture that no tour guide could show you. The locals know the area better than anyone else, and that is a fact true for any country. Of course, not everyone knows who the most approachable natives are. That is why we created this list.

We wanted to establish who the kindest people on Earth are and where your biggest chances lie of creating wonderful experiences with them. We’ve also tried to pick some from all corners of the world. The following are just some of the groups with which you can create timeless stories.

#1 Thai

You’ve probably heard about Thailand being called “The Land of Smiles” before. If not, well, you’ve heard it here first! Now, the people in major cities such as Phuket or Bangkok may sometimes feel desensitised. When you live around such common tourist destinations, that tends to happen. Don’t let that fool you, though. As you may have read in one of our previous articles, Thai people have a life philosophy that allows them to remain calm and composed at every step.

We would say that those who have that kind of worldview deserve a spot in a list of the kindest people on Earth. Wouldn’t you agree?

#2 Scots

Now here we have a genuinely hearty people. Usually, you would see others stereotype Scotsmen grumpy or gloomy (when really it’s just Londoners). In reality, you have people who know how and when to laugh at themselves. The accent and frequent usage of jokes and quips probably help them a lot too. It also makes for some of the best storytelling you will ever find. No wonder, considering all the gorgeous lochs, islands and cliffs they have there.

Give a listen to “The Flower of Scotland” played on the bagpipes and you will get a hint about the absolute beauty you will witness there. That splendour most likely inspires the storytelling we’ve mentioned. Do ask for the legends and customs of the place. Just don’t do the silly thing of asking them to play their bagpipes!

#3 Kiwis (New Zealand)

When Forbes names your country as their number one friendliest, you know you deserve a spot on any list of the kindest people on Earth. It seems to be the New Zealand “pitch-in-and-help” mentality that allows foreigners to fit in quite well. At least according to Forbes. It’s especially a boon for those who immigrate there and are usually worried about how they’re going to integrate.

We believe it might also have something to do with the dreamy locations you can find there. Check out the 10 most beautiful places in New Zealand and convince yourself! We would also be thrilled about living in such a paradise.

#4 Moroccans

If you’ve read any guidebooks on Morocco, you’ve probably noticed a pattern. Their authors frequently note how kind and friendly the people are. For example, it’s not uncommon for the locals to invite you into a tea shop for some mint tea and a chat. Don’t be surprised if they even invite you over for a meal at their place. Generally, people in Morocco treat foreigners like they would their own.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be careful. Morocco is an active trade hub, and it’s easy to make out tourists from the locals. This can put a giant bullseye on you to make scam artists’ jobs easier. In any case, those things can happen all over the world. Moroccans might be some of the kindest people on Earth, but be wary of the bad apples that would take advantage of that.

#5 Brazilians

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro gathers millions of people each year to the shores of Brazil. The colourful and flashy festival can make anyone put down their grumpy mask and live a little. But that’s not the reason Brazilians made their way on a list of the kindest people on Earth. The truth is that multiple factors that make them so. First off, there is their Portuguese heritage. Family life and hospitality are integral parts of Portuguese culture, and colonists brought those traditions along with them to The New World.

Then there’s the fact that Brazil houses many cultures under its banner. Most of all, however, is the humbleness of the Brazilian working class. Trying times can really bring out the best in anyone.

Maybe it’s your philosophy of life that affects how friendly you are towards others. Or maybe it’s the ability to laugh at yourself that does it. It could just be your natural behaviour and how you were brought up. Maybe it’s because a lot of them know Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and aren’t afraid of strangers. A difficult life can also leave a people acting humble and friendly towards any strangers. We’d like to hear your opinion about these ideas.

Do you have any experiences with friendly foreigners that you’d like to share with the world? Tell us who you think are the kindest people on Earth in the comments section!