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The Ultimate Guide to Train Travel in Europe

If you ever thought about traveling and exploring Europe by train, then you’re at the right place. Check out our ultimate guide to train travel in Europe!

Have you ever thought about exploring the beautiful landscape of Europe on your way to the final destination? Majority of travelers today choose airplanes or buses as a mean of transportation to distant places, but have you ever thought of train? A train is a perfect form of transportation, especially if you plan to travel to faraway places. Trains are specially made for longer travels as travelers can find a comfortable place inside where they can take a sleep or have a productive working time. Also, the train is much cheaper than airplane if we’re comparing price for long-distance trips.

Traveling by train will give you extraordinary experiences along the way.

The biggest downside of the train as a mean of transportation is the length of the trip. Many people associate traveling by train as a long and boring journey, but is it the case? In this article, we will provide you with the Ultimate Guide to Travel Travel in Europe.

After reading this article, you will never look at traveling by train the same way, so let’s start!

Reasons to Explore Europe by Train

Well, many travelers forgot traveling by train as people have busier schedules as before, so time may be a crucial aspect. If you’re a busy traveler, please stop for a second, and read the reasons to take an exploration of Europe by train into consideration.

Sit back and enjoy the ride with a beautiful landscape that will take your breath away.

First and foremost, traveling by train enables you to visit interesting cities before you reach a final destination for a funny amount of money. There are many options when it comes to buying a train ticket for a complete journey. In Europe, the most popular and affordable option is by far getting a Eurail or InterRail Pass. That’s a system where you can plan a journey by train through 26 European countries. Another huge reason people decide to travel by train is a money saving as the train is the perfect way of transportation for travelers who don’t have a big budget. Many travelers save extra money reserving a night train ticket where they can sleep and save money for the accommodation.

You don’t need to worry about the weight of your luggage as you won’t face weight limits while entering the train. Also, you can carry whatever you want which means you can prepare your own food, pack it and eat it during the long travels. It’s especially beneficial to people who’re leading a healthy lifestyle as transportation food often isn’t the healthiest option. We bet you aren’t a fan of long check-in queues on the airport and arriving at airport few hours before the flight. There is no such a thing if you decide to travel by train as you only need to show up few minutes before the train is supposed to leave with your ticket. Such a huge time saver! Majority of trains are equipped with internet connection and comfortable seats, so you can get the work done while traveling, which is much tougher to do in other means of transportation. We advise you to take a seat near the window so you can overlook the nature and wander the stunning landscapes Europe has to offer. It’s a usual thing that railways pass through forests and mountains, so you will definitely enjoy! If the trip is a long one, you can easily walk around and stretch your legs as the train has a lot of free space.

There are so many benefits of getting a train ticket to explore Europe for a ridiculous amount of money. Keep reading, and you’ll find out how to plan and organize your exploration of Europe by train.

How to Find the Best Train Ticket

Well, finding the best deal when it comes to train tickets through Europe can be a pretty challenging task. You should always plan everything before and know exactly which countries you want to visit. The things get more complicated as there is no dedicated website or place where you can check all the tickets and book them. You should do a comprehensive research to find the best resource for getting the tickets. Our genuine advice is always to check national rail websites that are selling the tickets in a particular country. If you book a ticket in advance, you will get a nice discount, but don’t expect a discount if you plan to travel through one country only.

Always book your tickets in advance to get extra discounts.

For example, a trip from London to Paris costs around $60, if you booked a month in advance, but the same ticket costs $200 if booked on the day of the trip. The domestic tickets have the same price no matter when or where you get them, and the best way to buy these is to go to the local station. If, however, you’re pressed on time and you want to book through Eurail’s website on the go, don’t forget to protect yourself on public wifi so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises during the trip.

Plan the Outstanding Trip Through Europe by Train

The best advice for adventure travelers who’re on the quest of exploring the Europe by train is to get a detailed plan of destinations they want to visit. Once you have everything planned, it’s easy to book and make ticket reservations. For non-European citizens, the best way to combine tickets and get huge discounts is by checking Eurail pass.

Europe is offering amazing views of natural beauty.

European citizens have an option to check InterRail pass. These passes can give you an unlimited train travels through Europe for a specified period, so if you plan to move from city to city on a constant basis, you should definitely get one of these passes. There are many options regarding validation period of your pass, and the prices vary, so it’s crucial that you have planned everything in advance.

Make the Best of Your Train Exploration of Europe

Once you have your trip planned and tickets ready, it’s time to simply enjoy the beauty Europe has to offer. That could potentially be a trip of your life as you’ll have a real adventure along the way. The train is a very comfortable way of transportation that is going through off-beaten paths in Europe where you can wander a natural beauty of each country.

Traveling by train is a perfect way to explore every European country in more details.

The exciting thing is that you can stay in one destination for a few days and continue your journey after few days with pass tickets as these offer a level of flexibility. You will meet amazing people on your way through Europe and will return your home with amazing stories and experiences that will last forever!

Have you ever traveled the Europe by train? What’s your route recommendation?