7 years ago

How to Travel Across the World Without Going Broke

Different ways of travelling the world without going broke so you can achieve your travel goals and still have some money on your bank account.

Wanderlust is a powerful thing and can urge us from deep inside to do things that we never dreamed of. After the first time that I travelled out of my own little town and ventured into the great unknown, I knew that I could never stop exploring the world until I had seen absolutely every inch of this incredible planet that we live on.

Travelling is something that stays with you and shapes you as a person. It’s a never-ending lesson of life. If you have been bitten by the travel bug like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The adventures that you have don’t ever really leave you; they stay a part of your person and your being until the day you die.  

That’s why avid travellers like you and me, we get antsy sitting in one place. Maybe you have a roof over your head and a job that pays the bills, but I’ll bet you’re itching to get out of the place you call home and live your dream of travelling until you drop!

However, there’s one issue with this fantastic plan: money. All of us who are avid travellers know that money is one of the greatest challenges to overcome when trying to fill the desires of a wandering heart. But what if there was a way to travel without emptying your bank account?

Well, there is! Teaching English in China is becoming the latest and greatest way to stay on the road without dishing out all of your savings. Imagine never having to return to your dull 9-5 routine. Imagine exploring new and exotic places that are right outside your doorstep! What about the thrill of being able to meet new people and get truly involved in a different culture?  

These are all things that you can experience while teaching English in China.

So what exactly does teaching abroad involve? And why can we say that English teaching jobs in China are your best option for exploring the world on a budget?

What it Means to Teach English in China

Perhaps you’ve already started to tune out because this nagging voice in your head is saying, “But I’m not an English teacher!”

That really isn’t a problem. Whether or not you feel like you are qualified to be a teacher, if you’re willing to put your mind to it anything is possible! Whatever work background you come from, you can use those skills to market yourself, whether you plan on teaching adults or children. Also, look into getting a TEFL certification, something that is easily done online as well. This will give you credibility and help you have more confidence as a teacher.

Imagine being able to improve the lives of children and youths across the country, helping them build skills that will help them later in life to find good jobs and be more successful adults. Imagine giving people opportunities they didn’t think they could attain to! These thoughts can really build in you a passion for teaching.

And teaching English doesn’t have to be just sitting around, talking about complicated grammar rules and running through vocabulary. The best English teaching jobs let you play with the children and help them learn English through fun activities! You will never be bored in a classroom if you have a bit of imagination and a desire to teach.

What if you’re not a native English speaker? Also not a problem. As mentioned above, a TEFL certificate will give you more credibility, and your skills as a non-native could actually be an advantage that you bring to the work environment. 

Costs vs. Paychecks

Now, what exactly is the cost of living in China, in such cities as Beijing or Dongguan? Can you actually enough money to live and still have money left over to travel and see things?

Absolutely. However, you will need to keep an open mind. Looking for a job in one of the top tier cities will give you a higher paycheck. At the same time, the cost of living is very expensive. For example, in the first-tier city of Shanghai, you will find that an average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of the city is around 6500 yuan per month; whereas in a second-tier city such as Chengdu, that same apartment would be an average of 2000 yuan per month. And in the third-tier cities, the prices are even lower!

Depending on what kind of place you work in, your paycheck will be different. But expect in the bigger cities in earn between 10,000 and 18,000 yuan per month, whereas in the smaller cities between 6,000 to 10,000 yuan per month. This gives you plenty of wiggle room when it comes to your budget!

To Sum Up…

If you really want to see the world, English teaching jobs in China give you the opportunity and the means to do so. Go abroad and start living the dream you thought you could never make possible!

Would you give teaching English in China a go?