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Fighting the Packing Blues

Providing you with the best tips to pack light, quick and stress-free.

Have you ever dreaded packing for a trip? It can seem tiring and exhausting thinking about what you need to pack in your suitcase. Sometimes, after you finish, you might even think, “I must be forgetting something.” Then, the anxiety sets in, and your mind might be spinning from the long checklist of items you still need to pack.

We know that packing is not necessarily “fun,” but you can make it fun. This article will provide you with tips to “fight the packing blues” and help it become a little easier.

Know Your Personality

The most helpful thing you can do is, of course, know what makes you tick. One aspect to look at might be your personality. Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test or the colour test? If you haven’t, you should check those out. They can give you useful information about your basic personality. You haven’t thought about that before packing, right? Or, if you have, you’re already on your way to make packing a little less like a chore. You get to discover things about yourself along the way.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you extremely organised or are you less organised?
  • Do you work fast or do you like to work at your leisure?
  • Are you high-maintenance or low-maintenance?

These personality factors can go a long way in helping packing become less stressful. For instance, if you are low-maintenance, you might not have the packing blues quite as bad as someone who is high-maintenance. The high-maintenance person might need to set aside more time to pack and make a detailed checklist. If you are a person who doesn’t like to rush, you can set aside time each day, a week before your trip. This way, you won’t have to rush the night before, and it can take the pressure off of yourself.

Fight the Monotony of Packing

You might think that packing a lot is monotonous and boring and basically a snooze-fest. Packing over and over can seem tedious. Or, you might think that over-packing essential, but is it really? Here are some ways to fight the packing blues and the overall monotony of it.

Think of Clothes as Tools of Variety

One way you can fight the monotony is to decide you don’t have to pack much. This can automatically lift a burden off of your back and help you stress less. For example, if you are studying abroad overseas, think about what you can buy over in the other country to keep your mind, and your suitcase, less cluttered. Do you really need 5 sweaters and 10 pairs of pants?

Another way you can fight the monotony is to think of your clothes as tools of variety. Bring a few key items such as solid t-shirts and tank tops, jeans, tennis shoes, etc., and pair them with different things. For example, think about wearing a scarf with your solid t-shirt to add colour. If you’re a woman, you can wear a chunky necklace to add structure. Or, if you’re a guy you can add a hoodie or wear a different pair of shoes for some variety.

The key to fighting monotony is knowing your options. However, you want to limit them, so that you aren’t stuck thinking of too many options. Give your mind a break, and rest easy knowing you ways to fight monotony.

Write About Your Thoughts

Think about your destination. Writing helps put your destination into perspective whether you are going a few hours away or across the world. It can also take away the stress of packing when you think about where you are heading. Write about the sights you would like to see. Write about the food you would like to eat. Write about the culture you want to become immersed in. Basically, write about whatever comes to mind. You aren’t being graded on your writing. It’s for you to see, and it can relieve stress along the way.

You can also use writing as a way to escape from packing. If you can relieve your mind of the packing stress for a little while, that can help you come back to it later. Write about something that is happening in your life such as a new job, relationship, etc. Make sure you are writing about something other than packing. Why would you write about packing anyway? Who knows.

Play Your Favourite Music

Music makes everything better, right? When you’re packing your clothes, toiletries, etc, play the travel music that gets you energised and inspires you. You can kill the monotony. For instance, you might think of music that you listen to while you exercise. You’re trying to complete a task, but this way, you can really let the music guide you. Also, sing along to your favourite songs to pass the time.

If you are packing for a very long trip, you could play a game to see how much you can pack in one 3-minute song. Or, if you need to move slower, see how much you can accomplish in one 60-minute album. If you look at time from the perspective of the music you are listening to, it will make the task that much easier. Time will fly by before you know it.

Reward Yourself

Taking a break is sometimes something you must do to recharge. You can even relax before you’re done. If you think that stopping to take a break will hurt your progress, then it’s okay to keep going. Reward yourself throughout your time, though. You could eat a piece chocolate every time you pack a category such as toiletries. Having an incentive to keep packing can boost your energy and make it easier to pack.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have a different perspective on packing. It doesn’t have to be a chore because you can use these tips as a way of fighting the packing blues. Remember, once you get it done, you are free to enjoy your travels.

What’s your best tip for packing? Share it with us in comments!