4 years ago

Spending a Year Abroad: Why Take the Plunge?

Spending a year in another country will give you so many different benefits. Read about 4 reasons why you should absolutely take the plunge!

Travelers from many different countries are captivated by the idea of being able to go abroad while supporting themselves. Have you ever wanted to see beautiful natural sights, magnificent cities, fascinating history, and really get involved in a new culture while not completely draining your bank account? This is a dream that is becoming reality due to the plethora of English teaching jobs in China and the opportunities they present to you!

But perhaps you’re not quite ready or you are afraid of packing up everything you have and head out, not knowing when you’ll return. That’s okay. You’re just at the start of a grand adventure, and it can be scary to leave without a return date. That’s why taking a year to live abroad is a fantastic way to really get your feet wet and see what it’s like to live in another country instead of just visiting it.

Spending a year in another country will give you so many different benefits. Below, we’re going to talk about four reasons why you should absolutely take the plunge!

#1 Be Exposed to a New Culture

Living abroad is the best way to really get to know and be involved in a different culture. When you move to China, you will see that the people there are so different in the way that they live and do things. However, it will also give you a profound new view of the world.

For, as different as we all are, we are all so very much the same. All people eat, sleep, and work. All people have friends and family. No matter where you are, such basic human qualities remain the same, and you will very quickly root out any prejudice or preconceived ideas that you may have come with.

The key is really getting involved in what’s going on around you! Take advantage of opportunities to really get to know the Chinese people and their culture, see what they do with their spare time, what things inspire each individual. Learn to enjoy the differences and the similarities.

#2 Grow and Build Character

Your experience abroad will not always be perfect.  You will face challenges and hardships, and most likely bouts of homesickness. However, don’t let these hard times discourage you; instead, view them as opportunities to grow and improve yourself. Committing to one year of living abroad in China will give you the chance to make it through the hardships and see the reward.

For example, learning to deal with differences in culture and ways of doing things, as mentioned above, really will help you build character. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, work to understand the reasons why they do what they do. You will thus become a more tolerant and understanding person, which are qualities that are useful in any place in the world! You will also learn to be more flexible, adapting yourself to the new place you live in and adapting when things don’t turn out the way you want. These interpersonal skills will serve you wherever you go.

#3 Create New Friendships

Friends are what will keep you anchored and stable in your new home. When you are looking for English teaching jobs in China, you will find that many other expats have done the same thing you are about to do! When you arrive in China, these people can be your helpers and guides when you face difficulties. And they are the best prepared because they’ve gone through the same challenges that you’re about to face.

Also, as mentioned above, form meaningful friendships with people from the local culture, thus expanding your knowledge of the world and the wonders of a different country.

#4 You Can Travel Without Going Broke

Seeing lovely historic monuments and majestic temples (such as these two in Beijing), feasting on incredible foods you’ve never dreamed of, and getting to know people whose lives are so different from yours: these are the joys of traveling that you may well have experienced. However, after going on an amazing adventure to another country, have you ever returned to a nearly empty bank account?

It can be so difficult to travel the world on a tight budget. But this is why English teaching jobs in China are so great!  You will basically be paid to travel to a foreign country, and while you will be based out of one of the gorgeous cities of China, you will have the time and the extra cash to explore the country and see China’s many beautiful sites. The best part? If you’re conservative, you’ll probably still have money left over at the end of the month!

So are you interested in seeing what life is like on the other side of the world? Take the plunge! Living abroad for a year will open to you new opportunities and grand adventures that you can’t even imagine now. Take our word for it: you’ll never regret living abroad!